About Yuvi – Story Aerobics app

Yuvi – Story Aerobics for kids is an incredibly fun and entertaining way for kids to become more active. The ten part series was developed in collaboration with people who have years of experience in the field of sports. To ensure the best possible product our team of incredible artists worked towards the goal of being the most beneficial entertainment for growing preschool and older children. Not only does Yuvi – Story Aerobics help develop kids motor skills and has health benefits, but it is also incredibly successful at encouraging the development of their imagination, creativity and reasoning.

The vision of Yuvi – Story Aerobics creation goes far beyond producing kids’ entertainment. We strive towards making the best interactive programming for the mind, body and soul. Throughout the incredible journey of Yuvi, our lovable main character, kids not only happily exercise, but also learn valuable lessons of working towards a goal, the importance of teamwork and compassion. And the best part is that they are having lots of fun while doing it!