Kids need at least an hour a day of physical activity to ensure good health. Parents should encourage their kids to do a variety of age appropriate activities. The benefits of a daily workout are stronger muscles and bones, less body fat, a smaller possibility of becoming overweight and developing type 2 diabetes … The use of Yuvi – Story Aerobics, that helps motivate kids to stay active and healthy, is a good idea.

Blaz Dolenc, MD, PhD

In my career as a professional trainer I have come to the realization that a positive attitude towards your own body and exercise is extremely important. And the sooner one achieves that, the better! Yuvi – Story Aerobics for Kids is a great new tool parents can use for the upbringing of their children. It takes into account all the latest guidelines in the area of preschool physical exercise. The exercise program is appropriate for children ages 2-6 and helps develop coordination, while strengthening all of the main muscle groups, especially the core of the body, which is essential for healthy posture and further body development. There are enough warm-up exercises to prepare the body for a workout and the routine ends with stretching exercises to properly cool down the body. Yuvi – Story Aerobics for Kids is a fine workout program and is a great tool for parents, who want to get their children excited about a healthy lifestyle and ensure a solid foundation for future sports activities.

Blaz Kavcic - Shape Sports London, CEO & Head coach


When I first learnt about Yuvi - Story aerobics for kids I thought it was an interesting idea for an app. After trying it out and also testing it on my 4-year old daughter, I can say I was right. 
Yuvi - Story Aerobics consists of 10 videos/cartoons (each about eight minutes long). In each video children help Yuvi rescue toys that Zorkus had hidden. They help by repeating the exercises shown by Yuvi. Each episode begins with the same warm-up (explained as building up magical strength) and ends with the same streching/relaxation exercises (explained as magical moves). This makes activity predictable to some extent and children typically appreciate this. Exercises are given meaning which is very important for children (e.g. show ''I don't know'', be like a cobra). The central ''aerobic'' part in each video is comprised of about three exercises that are different each time. Exercises are thematically integrated in the story, e.g. by doing an exercise a child is avoiding dangerous animal or grass, is scaring someone away, is pretending to be a plant, to swim etc. This highly motivates children.
Yuvi is advertised for preschool children. Perhaps, particularly younger children might need some help in doing exercises because the sense of their own body (proprioception) is not yet fully developed. So, with adult help in doing exercises (mostly in the sense of feedback what is done in the exercise) children can be taken in the zone of proximal development in their gross motor development. 
I see Yuvi as an ideal activity for children with an abundance of energy, particularly in situations when they need to wait, e.g. in line, at the airport. It is also a great activity to diversify rainy days if outings are not possible. It can be used as a morning exercise to motivate children to get up. When Yuvi is done together with parent(s) it can be a fun family time. In today’s ''sitting world'' it is valuable to have such a fun kid’s activity readily available. Of course, such a relatively short activity can’t substitute a full and regular exercise, but it can complement it nicely.
Moreover, coming from educational field I consider this app useful as a motivational tool for teachers, particularly in kindergarten and first grade. Because it is relatively short it can be used as an introductory activity to gain students interest and increase enthusiasm. It can also be used during a teaching period to elevate students' energy if needed. Activity can be used only for some students (those who are more physical).
Authors describe that Yuvi can encourage imagination, creativity, teamwork, compassion and reasoning. I agree, however, this will not come without some parental/teacher input, e.g. questions asked by adults to encourage discussion (What do you think happened to Zorkus that he doesn't like to play? Did Zorkas have a right to take all the toys? Does he have a right to not want to play? Do you know any children that don't like to play? How would you interact with them?).
On a final note, Yuvi has many pros, but as with any computer activity it cannot replace authentic experience in nature, park or outdoors in general. Also, with parental/teacher input in various forms (doing exercises together, talking about it) the effect will greatly increase.

Masa Vidmar, Ph.D, psychologist and researcher


Excellent app! ★★★★★
by EthelLMurray - Version 1.3 - Dec 9, 2013
At first glance I didn’t think much of this app. But when I gave it to my daughter, I was pleasantly surprised. She fully gets into the story and actually works out. The exercises aren’t too difficult, but they are hard enough to challenge her. Her motor skills have improved a lot.

Parent ★★★★
by Dee Bernard - Version 1.3 - Dec 7, 2013
My kid loves this app and so does my husband. It keeps the attention of my hyper 2 year old and I see him try to do the exercise. Love the extra parental control too.

Technology that makes kids move! ★★★★★
by MacSad - Version 1.3 - Oct 31, 2013
Most apps make kids sink deeper into the couch. This app is designed to make them get up and move! Safe, healthy exercises to help them build strength, combined with beautiful art to keep them coming back for more. 5 stars!

Great app for exercise with kids ★★★★
by Bjmccormam - Version 1.3 - Oct 30, 2013
I use this app for exercise with my students with autism. They really enjoy the graphics and the story. It gives them a purpose for moving and have a lot of fun while doing it :) I even bought to other in app purchases.

Easy to use ★★★★★
by P3ndleton - Version 1.3 - Dec 9, 2013
We use the Yuvi app as a part of our evening ritual, before going to bed. Yuvi comes before the bath and after that it’s much easier to get them to sleep.

Great works ! ★★★★★
by EthelT Murray - Version 1.3 - Dec 9, 2013
My lazy nephew works out. That says it all!

Fun&Educational ★★★★★
by Amy736 - Version 1.0 - Aug 31, 2013
Super fun & educational! :) My kids love it! :)

Great app ★★★★★
by D1973S - Version 1.0 - Aug 29, 2013
Great app! My 4yo can't stop excercise on this tape:)) he's jumping and dancing around and loving it all the way.

Thumbs up ★★★★★
by Sus1984 - Version 1.0 - Aug 29, 2013
This app is great! My little one is all over it and it's a great way to combine play and exercise time. Good job guys:)

Bingo ★★★★★
by aleksander2313 - Version 1.0 - Aug 17, 2013
Very useful app. I can finaly read my newspaper without inteription:)) Kids love it.

Very nice ★★★★★
by Raunak.almeida - Version 1.3 - Dec 7, 2013
Very nice initiative to keep the spirit of aerobics alive...